• RebelFest - The Whiskey Rebellion, Seas Of Mirth, Inlak'esh

  • Sat, 30-03-2019 at 19:00
  • The Shed
    5 Yeoman Street
    LE1 1UT Leicester
RebelFest - The Whiskey Rebellion, Seas Of Mirth, Inlak'esh - The Shed - Leicester

Leicester's own gypsy-folk bandits The Whiskey Rebellion are back in town, hosting a night of high-octane music with a rag-tag gathering of some of the best bands on the circuit. Teaming up with the indomitable pirate sea-shanty merchants Seas Of Mirth, and the hyper-energetic accoustic metalheads Inlak'esh, this night will feature a whopping six bands spread across two jam-packed stages, making this one event you literally cannot afford to miss. Get ready to dance yourself to death, as we give The Shed in Leicester an apocalyptic showdown of epic proportions, and give your eardrums the abuse they so richly deserve. THE WHISKEY REBELLION:From the deepest darkest jungles of Leicestershire, comes a band so full of vibrant gypsy-punk energy that there is not a man or woman alive who can keep themselves from dancing like an idiot to their anarchic, upbeat folk rhythms. Feature a blazing line up of banjo, mandolin, violin, accordion, guitar, bass, drums, and TWO super-sexy vocalists for the price of one, these hair-brained harlequins produce a sound that creeps up on your eardrums and throttles your unsuspecting brain from the inside out. From swinging sea-shanties, uptempo gypsy jams, crazy balkan polkas, soulful celtic folk medleys, all the way to blasting punk mashups and hard rocking power ballads, The Whiskey Rebellion make it a matter of pride to pack as much charisma and passion as they can into each and every sweat-laden performanceSEAS OF MIRTH:Seas of Mirth are a salty-smelling mega unit of sea dwelling reprobates with a mighty galleon of sound… landlocked in the East Midlands. Drums, retro organs, guitars, strings and bellows contribute to their invasive noises and the live shows draw you in with the aid of crowd-surfing crustaceans and a cataclysmic tug-of-war. The band feel equally at home in a vibrant, sweat-doused venue than they do on a majestic festival stage! Musically, it gets as diverse as a nautical prog-rock party band can get. The folk-based instruments cater for the rustic part of the sound, while the playful song writing and arrangements embrace the wilder element of the music. All marinated in maritime! Lyrically, songs include, for example, dealing with tempestuous sea conditions, gargantuous mythical beasts, mutiny, tales of severe intoxication and the old heart-crushing love song.INLAK'ESH:Inlak'esh are a four piece instrumental acoustic band from Milton Keynes, UK, who work tirelessly on creating succulent, ear pleasing yet hard hitting grooves, delivering distinctive albeit confusingly intricate Spanish scale to Arabian influenced melodies and evoking rhythmical senses with punctuated pauses and timely grabs to create shock and awe. Once the ear drums adjust to the fact there are no vocals the toes start tapping, the heads get nodding and the room begins to move to the charm of this multiculturally influenced melting pot of sound. NOT MY GOOD ARM:A staple of the Leicester music scene, Not My Good Arm are a sheer force of nature. Their live performances boast a bouncing brass section, rocking bass grooves, a ska-style upbeat vibe, and an unbeatable sweaty show that can barely be described. But I'll have a go. Their superb songwriting is backed by a wall of energy and talent, weaving between this sort of 1980's glam pop feel, and the classic punk-rock ska riffs that you can only expect from a band with MANY SEVERALS of brass players (Or just two). Seriously they can't be beat, you've got to check them out NOW.HATSTAND:A double-bass led trio of amazingly talented folk/jazz/country musicians, Hatstand will blow you away with their awesome harmonies, dedication to musicianship, and good humour. From heavily danceable blues tunes, through to sinister and creepy gypsy jazz melodies, they don't skip a beat as they keep you hooked through every nuance of their performance. Did I mention they have a double bass? Because they have a double bass. And they play it really well. Be told! HOMELESS SHAKESPEARE AND THE PIGEON THEATRE:The ever-persistent bard of Leicester's music scene Joe Doyle is back again, as drunken and hilarious as always, and dragging with him a full band ready to give birth to a monster of gypsy funk hip-hop shenanigans. With their album Caravan of Funk firmly under their belts, these guys are a heady mixture of rap, jazz, funk and soul, soaked in tequila and shoved onto a stage near you. Honestly I can't rate them enough, Joe is as well known around Leicester as you can be, and if there's anyone who's put the graft into their performances time and time again, it's him. If you've not seen him before, then shame on you, but now's the perfect chance to witness the AWESOME POWER of Homeless Shakespeare for the first time!!