• Wars of the Roses (Abridged)

  • Sat, 15-02-2020 at 13:00
  • King Richard III Visitor Centre
    4A St Martins
    LE1 5DB Leicester
Wars of the Roses (Abridged) - King Richard III Visitor Centre - Leicester

Foxy Comedy presentWARS OF THE ROSES ABRIDGEDSaturday 15th & Sunday 16th Feb13:00 (14:00) & 15:00 (16:00)A right Royal romp through one of the bloodiest periods of English history. Join Richard as he looks at the key characters and battles, making them relevant to the present day. Why is Richard Duke of York similar to singer Jane Macdonald? What do you do on your wedding day if you're just 5 years old? And has England really got over the 15th century when the English left Europe in a hurry? Suitable for ages 7 to 107!£5/£3