• DITZ | Live in Leicester + Support TBA

  • Fri, 14-02-2020 at 19:30
  • The Soundhouse Leicester
    28 Southampton Street
    LE1 1SJ Leicester
DITZ | Live in Leicester + Support TBA - The Soundhouse Leicester - Leicester

DITZ - Debut Leicester HeadlinePlus special guests TBADITZ are the best band in Brighton and probably the world! - Joe Talbot (IDLES)Very good heavy rock, very immediate post-hardcore. - Laurie Vincent (Slaves)A new quintet whose jarring clatter and short sharp tunes make them a welcome addition to the fold. ‘Seeking Arrangement’ - their latest following a recently-released debut EP - is part Girl Band itchy discordance and part noisy grunge thrash. In and out in just over 90-seconds, it’s a big heavy wallop of sound that’ll club you round the ears and leave you wanting more. - DIY MagazineWith their sound firmly rooted in the Brighton hardcore scene, DITZ make neurotic angular thrash punk that pulls you into its paranoid drama. The quintet have garnered a reputation for their wild energetic shows, playing alongside other excellent acts such as LICE and Pulled Apart By Horses. Now their new single has dropped via Permanent Creeps and is dying for a listen. ‘Seeking Arrangement’ is an erratic triumph, a whirling frenzy complete with chilling guitar lines, moaning bass and a chorus that is as cathartic as it is haunting. - SoYoung Shambling its way forward via wiry, telegraph-line guitars before dropping like a huge slab of squalling noise, the song feels like a one and a half minute quest through twenty-five years’ worth of punk, grunge, noise and thrash influences. Indeed, the best way to think of Ditz’s sound is like one of those big top tents that’s just wide enough to cover all of the various member’s tastes and personal inspirations, of which there are many. - Loud & QuietTickets on sale Thursday 28th November 12 noon!Saturday 14th Feb 2020The SoundHouse | Leicester7:30PM | 16+ | 14-15th Adult Guardian