• Foolish Bandits Present Cast vs Crew

  • Tue, 18-02-2020 at 21:30
  • The Cookie
    68 High Street
    LE1 5YP Leicester
Foolish Bandits Present Cast vs Crew - The Cookie - Leicester

The Cast are determined to perform a fairy tale chosen by the audience while the Crew try to stop them at every turn using an explosive molotov cocktail of lights, sounds and props. The Cast must improvise their way around these obstacles and somehow make it to the end of the show before time runs out. Every show is uniquely chaotic and utterly unpredictable! Will the Cast fall under the Crew's spell, or will they live happily ever after? Let battle commence!"Watching the Cast and Crew playfully mess with each other is a joy. Funny throughout and surprisingly tense at the end"~Stürike Comedy