• Band of the Coldstream Guards

  • Fri, 13-10-2017 at 19:30
  • Hull City Hall
    Victoria Sq
    HU1 3RQ Kingston upon Hull
Band of the Coldstream Guards - Hull City Hall - Kingston upon Hull

The regiment was formed in 1650 by George Monck, a General in Oliver Cromwell’s “New Model Army” and can therefore claim to be one of the oldest regiments in the world. In 1661, shortly after the restoration of the monarchy, they were re-commissioned by King Charles II as household Troops and from the town of Coldstream, which lies just inside Scotland near Berwick-Upon-Tweed where it was first formedFrom the earliest days the Regiment had drummers and a “Band of Music” from 1742. This was in fact eight civilian musicians who were hired by the month by Officers of the Regiment to provide music for the Changing of the Guard. When, in 1785, the musicians were asked to perform at an aquatic excursion to Greenwich, they declined on the grounds that the performance was “incompatible with their several respectable and private engagements”. This was too much for the officers who asked the Duke of York, Colonel of the Regiment, for a regular attested band. He agreed and from Hanover in Germany sent twelve musicians under the direction of Music Major C G Eley. The instrumentation consisted of two oboes, four clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, one trumpet and a Serpent. The date of the band’s formation was May 16th 1785. The establishment today is 48 plus the Director of Music.During its long and distinguished existence, the Band has achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence. In addition to musical duties, it has a medical role in wartime, which was exercised over the period of the first Gulf Conflict.It was on Sunday, June 18th 1944 that the greatest tragedy in the history of the band occurred. The band was playing in the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks when a German VI Flying Bomb struck it. Over 120 people were killed including the Director of Music, Major Windram, and five musicians. Despite this disaster the band continued to function and followed the Allied Forces to Europe after D Day.Since 1945, the Band has performed world wide, including tours to North America, Japan and Australasia and achieved international acclaim when it played the American National Anthem in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace following the September 11th disasters.The Band of the Coldstream Guards has now been in existence for over 200 years of continuous military service, which make it one of the oldest Military Bands in the world.Tickets £10