• Twice The Same [NL] live at Sportsman

  • Sat, 18-05-2019 at 21:00
  • Sportsmans Bar
    451 Hedon Road
    HU9 1SQ Kingston upon Hull
Twice The Same [NL] live at Sportsman - Sportsmans Bar - Kingston upon Hull

Band starts at 9pm.The entry is free.Twice The Same will be selling merchandise at the gig, this can only be purchased with cash and not by card.Expect an evening full of original hard rock, power ballads and groovy tunes - but also a number of some very welcome cover songs such as Queen, AC/DC & Iron Maiden.Twice The Same'As soon as Twice The Same's show kicks off, it's shit hot.' These four ambitious lads burst out on to the stage faster and louder than a pyrotechnical explosion! Prepare yourself for an eccentric blast of steady hard rock combined with a finger lickin' groove. This Holland based rock band has built up a reputation of playing solid, unique, energetic and in-your-face shows. These guys never disappoint.Twice The Same released their debut album ‘No Sleep Tonight’ in February 2016. The album was well received and even praised by legends such as Jan Akkerman (Focus) and Bumblefoot (ex-Guns N’ Roses).The band are currently promoting their brand new album ‘II’, released during the successful release party in the Netherlands on the 20th of April 2019. The new album features everything from hard rock anthems and groovy tunes to power ballads - a fantastic showcase of what these boys are capable of.Twice The Same’s new video for the first single ‘Out Of Line’ can be found via the following link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xocNvA3r6gCheck out their new album ‘II’ on Spotify, or come and buy yourself a copy at the gig!https://open.spotify.com/album/0Rbj3KnQsl4NDfBLxcafK8?si=g7UlA8BuT6WSyxBKhTfSSg"Tight and groovy riffs, strong vocals and the necessary stops in the songs are able to capture and hold the attention of the listener continuously” ~Festivalinfo"In-your-face guitars & riffs that groove...!" ~ Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal“I'll say this(about the album); it sounded very tight; bit of Heavy Metal. Like AC/DC. I find some quality loud noise quite refreshing from time to time.” ~Jan AkkermanTTS is a growing name in the rock scene in the Netherlands, the boys have played countless shows throughout the nation over the past 10 years. Previously the boys have also played shows in Poland and England, and were featured at the two day Flader Festival in Gdánsk. This is their second time in the Sportsman.www.twicethesame.com [official website]https://www.facebook.com/TwiceTheSameMusic/ [official Facebook page]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xocNvA3r6g [official music video]https://open.spotify.com/artist/2K6Cs0ADZ6ifNO3SFiNcG4?si=Yi8WbwoZRDWEpxPY6pVFDg [Twice The Same on Spotify]