• SOLD OUT Letz Zep I Fruit I 08/09/17

  • Fri, 08-09-2017 at 19:30
  • FRüIT
    62-63 Humber Street
    HU1 1TU Kingston upon Hull
SOLD OUT Letz Zep I Fruit I 08/09/17 - FRüIT - Kingston upon Hull

Letz Zep are the Official Number One tribute to Led Zeppelin and Baby They Ain't Foolin'An achievement marked by the Authoritative Ticketmaster Organisation, when they awarded Letz Zep with the status of both ‘The Most Popular’and ‘The Most Highly Rated’ tribute to Led Zeppelin in the UK today. 45 years ago legendary Led Zeppelin released what many people believe to be their best work, their untitled fourth album. This seminal album changed the face of rock music forever, setting the bar ever higher. Led Zeppelin IV featured eight classic rock songs including ‘Black Dog’, ‘Rock and Roll’ and the song most people recognise them by ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Prior to the albums released, Led Zeppelin were one of the very first bands to perform in Japan, where they performed songs from the album for the first time. Their first ever show at The Budakan, Tokyo, was to be recorded for future release, but the sounds of the thunder storm that hit the city marred the recording and the tapes were wiped. In recognition of this, Letz Zep have named their 2016 World Tour as the ‘Tales of Storms’ tour 2016.To mark the 45th anniversary, Letz Zep will be recreating this show (minus the storms we hope) by performing songs from the The Budakan, Japan, 1971. Featuring the now timeless classics from Led Zeppelin’s legendary fourth album. Letz Zep are the best known and most successful tribute to Led Zeppelin. Even legendary Zep frontman Robert Plant commented it was like watching himself onstage, after he came to a Letz Zep concert. His comment in Q Magazine in an interview was :-'I walked in, I saw me'That was excellent! I've been hearing a lot of good things about your band, we have a lot of mutual friends so stay in touch, I'd like to come to one of your gigs" - Jimmy Page"I've heard of you, you're the band Robert went to see! Keep up the good work, and good luck with it" - John Paul Jones'"Hey Man, that's some fng voice you got there, you must be on fng helium to get that fng high"Ozzy Osbourne ''A great live band'' Alvin Lee - Ten Years After''You can't have too much of a good thing...here's Letz Zep' - Jeremy Paxman BBC2 Newsnight'Plant may have turned his back on umpteen millions to reform Led Zeppelin, but he is not adverse to the odd moment of nostalgia. He's personally checked out Letz Zep in concert. They were once threatened with legal action over using a photo of Plant on posters, before Led Zeppelin's management realised it was a picture of Letz Zep's own singer Billy Kulke' - Virgin Media News..The Best tribute to Led Zeppelin" BBC Newsnight'Better than a Led Zeppelin re-union' Kerrang!''The best tribute to the great Led Zeppelin - Kerrang! - Spain"If you want to get the 'Led out' and Page and Plant are otherwise engaged, then the only real option you've got is; Letz Zep! Billy Plant and the boyz will take you through a roller coaster ride of all the classics like you have never heard them before and are unlikely to ever hear again, if Bob and Jim don't start talking to each other soon, but that's another story. If you can't get the real brew, then this is the closest to the real thing that you are ever likely to see and hear, the playing is impeccable and the Band rocks just like the real thing. Brilliant!" Janick Gers......Iron Maiden"The closest you will get to the real thing" BBC1 London News