• GUT Pub Golf

  • Wed, 15-01-2020 at 18:30
  • Glasgow University Union (GUU)
    32 University Avenue
    G12 8LX Glasgow
GUT Pub Golf - Glasgow University Union (GUU) - Glasgow

Welcome Back GUT lovers💛GUT kicks off the year with the best social of the new decade: Pub Golf ⛳Get dressed in your best golf attire, and meet up at Base Bar in GUU at 6.30.Get ready for a night you'll never FOREget 😏We'll set everybody into teams, with a list of pubs in the West End and challeges to complete throughout the night, which then lead you to our final destination: SANCTUARY 😍So time to putt on your golf socks, hit some hole in ones and get to clubbing on Wednesday.See you all therelots of GUT love💛💛