• M2TM Scotland 2020 - Semi-final 2: Edinburgh

  • Fri, 06-03-2020 at 18:00
  • Opium - Alternative Club & Bar
    71 Cowgate
    EH1 1JW Edinburgh
M2TM Scotland 2020 - Semi-final 2: Edinburgh - Opium - Alternative Club & Bar - Edinburgh

Slow Dragon Music, in association with Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses, presents:METAL 2 THE MASSES SCOTLAND 2020 SEMI-FINAL 2: EDINBURGH - MORE DETAILS SOONIt's no secret we love Bloodstock. It has proven to be a fertile field for both homegrown bands we support and bands we bring to Scotland. It is hardly shocking news, therefore, that Slow Dragon Music, ever the supporter of underground heavy music north of the border, has teamed up with the illustrious festival to bring you Metal 2 The Masses Scotland 2020!We are aiming to change the game for the initiative this year, so please take a minute to read what we have planned.First of all, we want to make this an opportunity for bands all across Scotland. Having been in, and worked with bands for many years ourselves, we know it's not all about Glasgow or Edinburgh. It can be tough for bands from outlying regions to step up alongside locals in those areas. Therefore, we are pulling a whole load of strings, in an attempt to make the initiative less centralised, and to come to your area for the initial heats! What's more, where bands have to travel to participate, we will pay your fuel costs to get to the events! (*This is solely a promise from Slow Dragon Music, and not the responsibility of Bloodstock or M2TM.)The grand final is all set to take place at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh, on Saturday April 11th. We're planning some guest bands to play after the event, and a metal club night after party from the one and only Keep It Steel EdinburghFull dates for the heats are now being announced! Slots are filling up, bu bands interested in taking part can still apply, by contacting slowdragonmusic@gmail.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------This event is sponsored by:Strait Up StudiosInkredible KreationsZero Tolerance MagazineBlack Metal BreweryDistorted-------------------------------------------------------------------------Heat 1: Perthhttps://www.facebook.com/events/2553615494687774/Heat 2: Aberdeenhttps://www.facebook.com/events/421647712101282/Heat 3: Dunfermlinehttps://www.facebook.com/events/428744808019580/Heat 4: Glasgowhttps://www.facebook.com/events/435013227213070/Heat 5:Stirlinghttps://www.facebook.com/events/2426627934272960/Heat 6: Edinburghhttps://www.facebook.com/events/413973932857927/Heat 7: Invernesshttps://www.facebook.com/events/2600063423414724/Semi-final 1: Dundeehttps://www.facebook.com/events/2776562169065100/Semi-final 2: Edinburghhttps://www.facebook.com/events/2175887692716624/Semi-final 3: Glasgowhttps://www.facebook.com/events/422908685039501/Grand Final: Edinburghhttps://www.facebook.com/events/473768376814779/