• Doorways in Drumorty

  • Thu, 16-05-2019 at 19:30
  • Riddle's Court, Edinburgh
    Riddle's Court
    EH1 2PG Edinburgh
Doorways in Drumorty - Riddle's Court, Edinburgh - Edinburgh

First produced in 2010, this new production of Mike Gibb's hugely successful play, 'Doorways in Drumorty' will tour to 18 venues across Scotland between 18 April - 18 May 2019 with the kind support of North East Arts Touring and Aberdeenshire Council.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'Doorways in Drumorty' follows the story of Jessie McLean who seemed destined to become a spinster when at 16 the young man she fell in love with, left town never to return leaving her alone and unfulfilled. 35 years later, a young girl in a similar though more extreme version of her own circumstances, helps her discover an inner courage which she uses to foil the myopia of those around her. Set alongside Jessie’s tale, are six vignettes depicting the experiences of other characters in the town.Laugh-out-loud funny yet steering through a sharply satirical observation of the personal agonies of the town's inhabitants - particularly females - beset by the strict observance of moral codes and prohibitions. It is as moving as it is amusing.