• The Real Mary Kings Close Ghost Hunt

  • Fri, 24-07-2020 at 23:30
  • The Real Mary King's Close
    High Street
    EH1 1PG Edinburgh
The Real Mary Kings Close Ghost Hunt - The Real Mary King's Close - Edinburgh

The Real Mary Kings Close Ghost Hunt - Edinburgh - Friday 24th July 2020 - £69.00 per personEdinburgh is a city that is well known for its dark cobbled streets, castles, cemeteries and historical monuments, step back in time with Dusk Till Dawn Events as we take you on an overnight ghost hunt at the notoriously haunted Real Marys Kings Close in Edinburgh Scotland, which dates right back to the 16th Century.Found deep beneath the Royal Mile, lies a hidden underworld containing narrow streets and houses, with much of the close, now also used as a museum, remaining just as it was over hundreds of years ago.Life was very hard for the residents living in the close, with poor sanitation and living in cramped conditions, sadly the Black Death took the lives of many, one lady in particular a widow called Mary King moved into a house on the close with her 4 children, where she resided until her untimely death in 1644Mary King's Close is famous for its many ghostly sightings. Shadow people and apparitions have all been reported to have been witnessed here. This place is so terrifying that even some staff members refuse to go to certain areas alone.This location houses a warren of dark hidden streets and eerie rooms all waiting to be explored and investigated during this ghost hunt. There are said to be many ghostly entities that haunt the location, one of the most well-known spirits is said to be a little girl thought to be around 10 years and named Annie. Many visitors have said to have felt cold spots and a very strange presence whilst standing in “Annie’s Room”. Toys and gifts are left for Annie by many who visit the close also.Visitors have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a man wearing boots and a long black coat walking down a stairway, along with many other strange occurrences and other phenomena reported including loud walking footsteps and the rustling sound of clothing, when no one else living was present at the time.Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire night’s investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own ghost hunt at one of the UK's most haunted places.You will have full use of ghost hunting equipment and you can take part in various experiments and vigils throughout the night in the most active parts of the location.This really is ghost hunting at its best at such a fantastic haunted location but remember there may be no heating at this building. It may be very cold also very dark so wrap up warm and bring torches.Refreshments are provided during the night, however should you have specific dietary requirements then you are quite welcome to bring your own. Strictly no alcohol.Join us if you dare! #Friends #Love #ghosthunting #dusktilldawnevents #dusktilldawn #dtde #dtd #theghosthuntingcompany #haunted #paranormal #ghosthunts #hauntings #ghosthunt #isurvivedthenight #joinusifyoudare #stepintothedarkness#kingsclose #therealmarykingsclose #Scotland #Scottish #Edinburgh