• Introduction to Circling | by Authentic Relating Tribe Edinburgh

  • Mon, 09-03-2020 at 19:00
  • The Salisbury Centre
    2 Salisbury Road
    EH16 5AB Edinburgh
Introduction to Circling | by Authentic Relating Tribe Edinburgh - The Salisbury Centre - Edinburgh

How many conversations this past week felt dull and draining and have only scratched the surfaced of your inner world?Do you recognise the feeling of being stuck in a conversation?When was the last time where you felt truly seen in a connection and could share those things that matter most?Welcome to this introduction to the art of AUTHENTIC RELATING and the practice of CIRCLING. We will gather with the intention to connect, to show yourself to others and to witness and support one another. The event is open to all, those that are new to the practice and those that have circled for many years. AUTHENTIC RELATING is the ART of being fully present in shared moments with others; an invitation to show who you are; an invitation to be curious about the light and the dark sides that are sometimes too shy to show themselves. AUTHENTIC RELATING is an art that allows us to build trust, recognition, and curiosity in every day conversation. CIRCLING is a practice that brings authentic relating practices into a conversation of a big circle. Some describe it as a meditation, others describe it as a feeling of strong connection. I'm curious how this one will be. Circling is an art of being with others, Circling asks for radical honesty,Circling feels like a meditation, Circling challenges.To find out more about authentic relating tribe Edinburgh and the facilitator check out the facebook page or reach out for any questions. CONTRIBUTION: the event is donation based. All donations will go to the Salisbury centre in exchange for the room. Suggested donation is 5 pounds, but give or take as much as you need.