• Fantasy mindful painting (with masks as well)

  • Wed, 04-03-2020 at 19:30
  • Sketchy Beats Cafe
    208 Great Junction Street
    EH65LW Edinburgh
Fantasy mindful painting (with masks as well) - Sketchy Beats Cafe - Edinburgh

And we have a new venue available 🙌 This time we will meet at Scetchy Beats in Leith. We are going to paint some fantasy staff again but I will bring some masks to paint as another option as well 😊🙌😅 theres still is what to explore in abstract/fantasy world and you know it’s just about to have relaxed time as always 😊 it doesn’t have to be fantasy and abstract at all at the end 😉Masks can represent our ‘self’ which we put out there into outside world or what we hide from others or our true self. Let your imagination go and create meaningful personal mask for yourself.Fantasy world is almost like a trip to different lands. As children we used to travel far far away to become heroes, princesses or fairies and wizards.Abstract painting can be painting led by our intuition. There’s so much to discover using art as a tool.That is what we will do today. Paint fantasy world or abstract intuitive experimental painting.There are no artistic skills needed. This is not an art class so no rules when it comes to painting applies here. Art is first of all expression and fun. You can create your own picture in any style and colours. There will be some inspiration to follow but you can let Your imagination work completely on its own 😊I will provide all the materials (brushes, paints, canvases, etc.). All you need to do is come and have some relaxed time for yourself away from outside duties.This time inside Scetchy Beats (see the map). Event is donation based. I am looking forward to meet you.Feel free to bring friends along.