• Your Theatre: Actors` training seminar.

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 12:00
  • Summerhall
    1 Summerhall
    EH9 1PL Edinburgh
Your Theatre: Actors` training seminar. - Summerhall - Edinburgh

A one-day introduction to ALthattheatre, a cross-disciplinary and explorative study that focuses on energy instead of psychology. This innovative training concept proposes a specific format to stimulate an alternative mindset and promotes participants to become independent creators of “Your theatre”. It follows a so-called spherical approach to the themes of a stage presence, personality and ensemble, energy, the composition of the role and the difference between actor and character. This practical workshop will give a sense of understanding how to change from logic and systematic thinking to spherical thinking, and how to begin an individual practice to the concept of the “entire theatre”. It is a unique opportunity for experienced and early-career artists with an interest in artistic development.Please contact us to book your space : akt.zent@berlin.de Reservations essential - limited spaces! Early birds - £33 ( before the the 1st of November) - £44 ( Full price). More information here: https://www.theatreculture.org/the-school/althattheatre/