• Shamanic Trance Dance, Leith

  • Sat, 21-03-2020 at 19:00
  • The Mission Hall Studio
    37 Burns Street
    EH6 8DS Edinburgh
Shamanic Trance Dance, Leith - The Mission Hall Studio - Edinburgh

A wonderful experience of dancing with and for yourself in this beautiful space, close to Leith Links.Shamanic Trance Dance has ancient roots, it feels like coming home. The dancer becomes the dance, intuitively moving to tribal rhythms and ecstatic beats.As we let the inherent wisdom of our bodies respond to the music and the environment we release tension, anxiety, hurt and worry - moving with ease into deepening insight, acceptance, peace and resilience.Wearing a bandana to cover your eyes, I will Guide you into a breathwork practice and meditation and be your Guardian as you shake, stretch, dance and move in whatever way feels necessary, enjoyable and aligned with your intention.It's all in the dance.No previous experience is needed, Shamanic Trance Dance brings deep healing for many people (please see Cautions below - noting minimum age is 18 years old)Please wear warm, loose layers and arrive well hydrated ready to start at 7pm - please also take water bottle with you. £15 per person - payment in advance to secure placePlease contact me on paula@shamanictrancedance.global to book and with any queriesPaula PrattM: 07718913195www.triangle-yoga.comwww.shamanictrancedance.globalCautions:People with epilepsy are at risk with Shamanic Trance Dance, as some of the movement and music could stimulate a seizure. Individuals with severe cardiovascular problems are discouraged as the dance might aggravate their condition, if the condition is mild and they can listen to their body and slow down, then they may be able to do the Shamanic Trance Dance.Women in their first trimester of pregnancy are encouraged to wait until later in their pregnancy, at which point it can be a great way to connect with their baby in the womb.Women in the early stages of menstruation can sometimes experience an increase in flow and feel light-headed or dizzy during Shamanic Trance Dancing. Shamanic Trance Dancing is not recommended for people with a history of severe psychotic disorders. People who suffer from depression or who are having a life crisis, however, can receive great benefit from Shamanic Trance Dancing.Minimum age for Shamanic Trance Dance is 18 years old.