• Lino Print your own Lampshade – Saturday 9th November 2019

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 12:00
  • The Edinburgh Remakery
    127 Leith Walk
    EH6 8NP Edinburgh
Lino Print your own Lampshade – Saturday 9th November 2019 - The Edinburgh Remakery - Edinburgh

In this class you will learn how to design a pattern to print onto fabric using lino cutting techniques, which you will then use to make your own unique, hand-printed lampshade! This workshop is designed to teach you how to take an old lampshade frame and give it a new lease of life, saving it from landfill and creating a beautiful piece for your home all at the same time.You will be shown how to expertly strip an old lampshade frame, clean it up to prepare it for a new cover. You will then get to design your own pattern or image to decorate a plain piece of fabric to remake into a lampshade. Examples will be given to you beforehand and on the day, so don’t worry too much about what pattern or image to use as there will be plenty of inspiration and options to choose from! You will then learn how to cut this pattern or image into lino and print this in a repeating pattern onto fabric to create your lampshade design.All fabrics, lino, inks and tools will be provided, as well as tea and coffee.Bring along your own lampshade or use one provided by us on the day. Second hand lampshades can be bought cheaply at many charity shops throughout Edinburgh if you don’t have one already. Please note, your shade must be a rigid sided shade where the shade fabric is bonded to a PVC cover, and not a soft sided shade where the fabric is sewn onto a metal frame.Suitable shade types are drum, cone or oval shaped. If you choose a cone shaped shade you will create a bespoke template during the workshop, and drum and oval shades will use a rectangular panel of PVC which you will cut to size on the day.