• WarpDriveBatty - 20th Anniversary Show

  • Sat, 21-12-2019 at 19:30
  • The Hairy Dog
    1 Beckett Street
    DE1 1HT Derby
WarpDriveBatty - 20th Anniversary Show - The Hairy Dog - Derby

WarpDriveBatty first got together as two teenage men in a bedroom in Nottingham. That was 20 years ago. To be fair you think it would have stopped at some point....BUT NO!!! 20 Years later YOUR favourtie rock & pop covering UBERGroup are BACK! We are in the mood to have ourselves a good time and we're bringing some of our friends to The Hairy Dog on Sat Dec 21st to play you some songs to put your arms around each other and have a gosh darn good sing along to as we head into Santa eating the only nectarines we'll have purchased this year. But there is a meaning behind the revillery as we will be raising money for Adams Life - helping our friend and all round lovely chap Adam Cattermole in his fight against stage 4 bowel cancer. His treatment is not available on the NHS and is £20,000 a session. We want to contribute towards that to help get Adam more time with his family. You can find out more information here. https://www.facebook.com/foradamslife/ So, dust off £3 and head on down to The Hairy Dog on Dec 21st and lets have ourselves a lovely time celebrating a band that has lasted WAY longer than anyone expected AND do some good in the processCheck out some free Batty music at https://warpdrivebatty.bandcamp.com/JOINING US ON THE NIGHT!!!Cheap Jazz"Cheap Jazz are renowned for providing a set with "Twisty Turny Riffs and other devilry", and that they do but their live performance holds so much more. An impressive ambitious raucous set blending a structured balance of math rock, fun rock and post rock. Cheap Jazz are without a doubt a refreshing band. Must see live for you to truly embrace what they are all about." [circuitsweet.blogspot.com]http://cheapjazz.bandcamp.com/Paytron SaintPaytron Saint make real tunes that stick in your head. These guys bring big drums, big guitars and soulful vocals to every song. Formed of brothers Nick and Joel Glyn-Davies (guitar+vox, drums respectively) alongside Dean Lloyd's impressive bass playing, these three will be making a real holy racket in 2018. If you love big fuzzy guitars in the style of Nirvana or Black Sabbath, but tunes you can sing along to à la Weezer or Jeff Buckley then check them out.https://paytronsaint.bandcamp.com/Joe BrownThe Batty OG Member and James Warner Prophecies / Little Show frontman Joe Brown returns to Derby stages for a solo performance for the first time in a long time. "Their punk, or rock and roll, or experimental rock sounds leaves them completely indefinable, The James Warner Prophecies don’t really fit into a bracket. The creativity they have plummets them into a radar I’m struggling to truly identify, nor can I even begin to contemplate who James Warner actually is. Just take my word for it, this is beautifully liberal" [Sian Hodkin, Dead Press] https://soundcloud.com/littleshow/sets/littleshow