• Mole Knows Fest Presents - Sweet Williams, Grey Hairs & Cowtown

  • Fri, 01-11-2019 at 19:30
  • The Venue Derby
    47-49 Abbey Street
    DE22 3SJ Derby
Mole Knows Fest Presents - Sweet Williams, Grey Hairs & Cowtown - The Venue Derby - Derby

This excellent line up has been brought together to help us raise funds the for the medical care or our dear friend Adam Cattermole who, at the age of 36 has been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. Unfortunately the treatment Adam needs is no longer available on the NHS and now costs £20,000 per 3 month course... adam will need at least 5 courses. So far we've managed to raise over £50,000 through fundraising events and Adams GoFundMe campaign. See #foradamslife for more info and help us help Adam and his beautiful family and kids.Tickets > www.gigantic.com/mole-knows-fest-tickets/the-venue/2019-11-01-19-30Sweet WilliamsUp from the sea-lap pebbles of the Sussex coast, beneath the battled sky, there, cupped like metal-fire in the clutching cauldron of the Brighton downs dwells the throb, purr, snarl and roar of Sweet Williams. A band whose grooves warm like loving wine, whose riffs swagger and lurch with all the seeming bonhomie of a sailor new on shore-leave, and yet like a stray dog which you imagined you could tame, those same riffs are liable in the end to wind up biting you on the arse. Fresh from touring their new E.P "Where Does The Time Come From".> https://sweetwilliams.bandcamp.com/Grey HairsGrey Hairs create a sound that recalls the Birthday Party (but without the vampire schtick) or Laughing Hyenas, of a downer-fuelled B52s, of what surf music sounds like coming from the most land-locked part of the country and of a different time where genres were less defined and less crucial and the noise being made was better for it But this is no retro blast, the concerns that prompt Grey Hairs to creation are now. > https://greyhairs.bandcamp.com/COWTOWNCOWTOWN are a music gang from Leeds consisting of Shieldy (drums), Hildawg (keybass/vocals) and Nash3000 (guitar/vocals). COWTOWN play a dynamic, over-stimulated, savagely abridged interpretation a rock n’ roll. They keep what they like and discard the rest.> https://cowtown.bandcamp.com/