• Stretchy Runners with Anna

  • Sat, 08-06-2019 at 16:00
  • Stretchy Suzie's
    99 Woodville Road
    CF24 4DY Cardiff
Stretchy Runners with Anna - Stretchy Suzie's - Cardiff

STRETCHY RUNNERS with Anna Mazzina 16.00 - 17.30 £ 9.50​Running can be daunting for many people and that’s exactly why we should all get together and empower each other. Run because we can and rather than compete or try to hit a certain speed or distance, support each other and simply just share the joy of moving our bodies. Meeting point is at the studio where we will take our time to prepare for the run. We will go through a yoga and mobility warm-up which will slowly build up until our minds and bodies feel ready to hit the road. Afterwards we’ll go on a nice 30min run (it’s all about feeling good!) before then returning to the studio and enjoy a glorious Yoga cool-down and stretch sequence. Make sure that you’re wearing clothes that are comfortable to run in as well as to do some yoga moves in and of course: bring your running shoes!​