• Felt and Copper Garland workshop HALF PRICE

  • Sun, 14-07-2019 at 10:00
  • Lesley Jane Jewellery
    The Bridge Studios
    CF5 3BL Cardiff
Felt and Copper Garland workshop HALF PRICE - Lesley Jane Jewellery - Cardiff

A fun workshop, with lots of hammering (so it may be noisy!). Make your own copper buttons and combine them with colourful felt hearts or stars and copper wire to make a garland to take home. £12.50 per personNow that I have a lot more studio space, I’m going to be able to offer a greater range of jewellery and coppersmithing workshops. Before I launch my new workshop programme, I’d like to try out each class to check the timings and make sure I have enough equipment. These sessions won’t be as polished as the final versions, so I’m offering them at half price. I’ve listed approximate timings below, but please bear in mind that they may overrun a little. It would help me if I can take a few photos during the workshop and get some honest feedback at the end of each one!