• After lockdown picnic

  • Sat, 01-08-2020 at 12:00
  • Bute Park
    CF10 3DX Cardiff
    CF10 3DX Cardiff
After lockdown picnic - Bute Park - Cardiff

DATE NOT YET CONFIRMEDI know everyone is going absolutely batty about not being able to go out and are missing con and cosplay meets and we're all missing our mates big timeSo I'm gunna hold a massive picnic meet up for us all so we can all see each other again once this lockdown has been lifted and we can all be closer then 6ft to each otherWe will celebrate reunion and friendship and lost birthdays for the people who had their birthdays during the lock downFOOD AND DRINKFeel free to bring and food or beverage that you please, you can bring food to share or just food for yourself, I'll make sure myself to bring food for people to have.Please do be weary incase people have any allergies or intolerance and if you are bringing homemade food in Tupperware cases to label them with any foods that can cause allergy or intolerance flare upsAlcoholic drinks are permitted just do not go overboard and ruin the event KNOW YOUR LIMITS DRESS CODE Wear whatever the fuck you want ! You can come in cosplay, you can come in everyday clothes, you can come in a bathing suit, I don't care as long as you feel comfortable and are having funENTERTAINMENTFeel free to bring you switches to this event as a few of us plan to gather on animal crossing and do some furniture and clothing swaps with one another, you can bring some board games if thats your thing, card games or whatever, bring any speakers to play music and such if you pleaseFeel free to being any instruments you feel comfortable bringing but bare in mind they are yours to look after and no one can be held liable for theft or damageI hope to see you guys soon and hope you guys will be able to make it to this fun day