• The Mikkeller Cardiff Beer Mile (aka Mikkeller Cardiff XL)

  • Sat, 04-05-2019 at 09:30
  • The Bottle Shop
    4 Pen-Y-Lan Road
    CF24 3PF Cardiff
The Mikkeller Cardiff Beer Mile (aka Mikkeller Cardiff XL) - The Bottle Shop - Cardiff

How quick do you think you think you can run a mile? How quick do you think you can down four beers? How quick do you think you could do both? Welcome to our first Beer Mile!The event coincides with the 3rd Anniversary of the Mikkeller Cardiff Running Club and will take place at the usual time. The cost of entry will be £10 on the day which will cover the cost of the 4 beers. This is a low-key event and numbers of those participating will be limited. We've mapped out an area around one of the pitches on Roatch Recreational Ground which is approximately 0.25 miles so four laps will be roughly 1 mile. The route is on grass so you may need to adjust footwear depending on weather. On the day we will ask everyone to guessimate how long they think it will take them to complete the mile and based on those times we'll make groups of 4 equally matched runners. This will make it more manageable to record times and distribute the beer. The fastest person will receive a £25 gift voucher for the Bottle Shop. It should be pointed out that those who are the fastest runners aren't necessarily the fastest drinkers so don't worry if you aren't the quickest runner.To help ensure that we have enough beer on the day, please only say you are Going if you genuinely can make it on the day. If you know you can't make it on the day please update your status on the Event. If we haven't got enough beer on the day, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to participate.