• Community Game Jam

  • Fri, 24-05-2019 at 16:00
  • The Arcade Vaults
    27/31 High Street Arcade
    CF10 1BB Cardiff
Community Game Jam - The Arcade Vaults - Cardiff

Are you a creative games designer, artist, programmer or audio designer up for a challenge? If so, come and be part of the Games Wales Community Game Jam. You will have the weekend to conceive and build a game based on unique theme chosen by the community leaders!Doors will be open from 4pm on Friday evening for everyone to meet, after which the themes will be announced. Games will need to be submitted on Sunday before 3pm, after which teams will then have the opportunity to present their game to everyone else.Ticket covers running costs for the weekend, and access to Levels 2 and 3 of The Arcade Vaults. This includes free teas and coffees, plus access to a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave. There will also be a lot of pizza available to all on the Friday night! We're located right in the City Centre so you will have access to plenty of other food options for the entire weekend. Remote jammers are absolutely welcome to participate as long as they are based in Wales or are Welsh, and are willing to link up with the main jam site via video contact (Skype, Facetime etc). If you want to participate remotely you'll still need to get a ticket though which will give you access to the upload site for the games to be submitted to.Note that this will not be a 24 hour site - access will be limited to 8/9am at the earliest and around 10/11pm at the latest. If you are coming in from outside of Cardiff there are lots of places to stay nearby.