• 10,000 Collars Exhibition Launch

  • Fri, 09-08-2019 at 18:00
  • The Gate
    Keppoch Street
    CF24 3JW Cardiff
10,000 Collars Exhibition Launch - The Gate - Cardiff

The 10,000 Collars art project has been a year long project to raise awareness of the thousands of dogs killed each year at the annual Yulin Festival in China. The project is to raise awarenessof the thousands of dogs who need adoption and help to survive this festival each year and to highlight the importance of adopting not buying dogs.Lynsey is an artist, art teacher and Head of Art Department previously living and working in Shenzhen Southern China. In September 2017 she adopted a beautiful Border collie mix whohad been rescued from a meat truck heading to the Yulin Meat Festival. Lynsey has first-hand experience of the trauma, inhumanity and barbarity of how dogs are treated in China. What started off as a go fund me fundraising page to take Lynsey's dog Draco back to the UK with her has turned into a marathon art project designed to raise awareness and to raise funds to help the volunteers who save a huge number of dogs who have been mistreated, abused, tortured and killed each year.2018 Yulin festival started on the 21st June last year and that is when this project officially began. Lynsey produced 10,000 pieces of art in a year for the estimated total of dogs killed overthat weekend. In regards to the artwork Lynsey worked with various mediums, materials, styles and techniques. The art pieces have evolved as the project progressed over the year. When I adopting her dog he had been in a vet for two months due to the horrific injuries he suffered including scalding, beatings, starvation and torture. As they left she saw a cardboard box full of dog leads and collars from the hundreds of dogs that came off that meat truck. Many dogs were not just strays but stolen pets. When Lynsey was developing this idea the image of that box of collars reminded her of the concentration camps and the thousands of articles of belongings left in piles the glasses, the shoes, the articles of clothing, which gave Lynsey the idea of using the collar as a symbol of all the dogs lives lost to this slaughter of innocence. Hence the title 10,000 Collars.Lynsey has been really affected by all she has witnessed and experienced during her time in China. Lynsey feels that she needs to do something to help make a difference especially as she left China to return to the UK. Lynsey did not have the finances or resources to save all the dogs so she wanted tobe able to do something with the skills she possesses. Even though she is Welsh and from the UK where this festival does not occur she felt it would be a real travesty for herself and others watching this to sit back and do nothing to try and help the obscene amount of dogs not just killed for meat but tortured, beaten and skinned alive, whether you are a diehard activist, vegan, vegetarian or meat eater, no animal on this planet deserves that treatment at the hand of humans. What kind of planet are we living on where this kind of treatment happens with people standing by doing nothing?Come along to the launch, enjoy Lynsey's beautifully colourful work and chat to her about her experiences in China and potential future projects. The Pulpit Café Bar will be open throughout the evening providing local beers, ales, wines, spirits and soft beverages.Also, all dogs are welcome. Water and treats will be provided!