• Sciences vs Arts 2019

  • Tue, 12-03-2019 at 20:00
  • Walkabout Cardiff
    65-74 St. Mary's Street
    CF10 1FA Cardiff
Sciences vs Arts 2019 - Walkabout Cardiff - Cardiff

The exams are over! Its 2019 and it's time for Cardiff's biggest student social of the year to get a little bigger, as this time we invite our friends in the Arts to join for a truly spectacular night.Get your tickets here:https://www.ticketarena.co.uk/events/Sciences-vs-Ar-2Routes: Turtle Bay/Tiny Rebel -> Prince of Wales -> Coyote Ugly(with band) -> WalkaboutThis year we are proud to announce for the first time ever we will be having a live band, South Wales own the Fire Fences. They will be playing in Coyote ugly at different times through out the night, so no group will miss out.Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/firefences/Every subject will be allocated a different T-Shirt colour to distinguish each other from the masses. ET - Orange Japanese Soc - Ocean BluePhysics - BurgundyEconomics - BlackEarth Soc - Bottle GreenWild Soc - Kelly GreenRussian - BurgundyLaw - Navy BlueMaths - Bright RoyalGeography & Planning - Bottle GreenMCASD - Blue Midnight Engineering - YellowRadSoc - Ocean BlueBusiness - Light BlueSpanish and Italian - Scarlet RedPACS (physio) - Light BlueSocial Sciences - BurgundyGerman - Bright RoyalPsychology - BurgundyPolitics - Scarlet RedDentistry - Navy BlueComSci - Scarlet RedMedical Pharmacology - Deep BerryPharmacy - Scarlet RedMed Soc - Navy BlueChemistry - BlackOptomery - Bright RoyalJournalism - Ocean BlueArchitecture - OrangeHistory - Kiwi GreenArchaeology - Bottle GreenAncient History - Real GreyNurse Soc - Light BlueOccupational therapy - Hunters GreenBioscience - Deep BerryReligion - Light BlueMusic - Ocean BlueEnglish - Scarlet RedMember of committee and your society hasn't been contacted yet? Drop a message and get in touch!