• The Flux Capacitors + Mike Dennis | The Moon, Cardiff

  • Sat, 15-06-2019 at 19:30
  • The Moon Cardiff
    Unit 3
    CF10 1BR Cardiff
The Flux Capacitors + Mike Dennis | The Moon, Cardiff - The Moon Cardiff - Cardiff

We are back over the bridge for a headline set at The Moon, Cardiff. supported and presented by rapper, looper, and violin virtuoso Mike Dennis.The Flux Capacitors are the combined forces of:Critically acclaimed guitarist, singer-songwriter, ex Blue Aeroplane, vegan, and published author Hazel Winter.•“...slinky, schizoid, off-kilter groove…jagged, edgy, rare and brilliant…” - Guitar Magazine•“…doomed romantic masterpiece…but best of all is Hazel’s provincial non-singing Northern voice picking at death/love metaphors like scabs that won’t be left alone…” - KERRANGThe K&A's golden boy, singer-songwriter, gratuitous rhymer, house-boat dwelling vegan, and Turbo-Hybrid guitarist (Cmdr) Michael McNeil•"...quick stop in bristol for a beer, showers etc, when a young lad Michael McNeil sits down and effortlessly bangs this out. In awe? in heaven! He should join a band"•"...When that absolutely amazing guitarist, whoever he was, got in the freak zone, bloody hellfire..."•"No-one plays guitar like you pal"- Internet comments, 2018-2019•"...a competent, capable, and smart young man" - HR, Michael's workAnd joined by the king of the drums, Max "The Monster" Harrison🎸🌱✊✨🚩Mike Dennis - Mike Dennis is a classically-trained violinist whose boyhood love of Run DMC, Beastie Boys and Gangstarr led him to create a unique kind of string-heavy hip hop music he half-seriously refers to as Violinica. Performing using Jess (violin), a loop pedal and a cajon, Mike builds up layers of dense harmony and embellishes with thoughtful, energetic rhymes drawing inspiration from daily British life and the perils and profits of love with a geeky fanaticism for rhythm-bending and syncopation.🎸🌱✊✨🚩Flux Caps press:“The song-writing is so astute, clever, funny and off the wall that it works brilliantly. The whole artistic freedom, no commercial pressure or expectations make [debut album Courtesan] irresistible and lovably grrrreat... ...Against all the odds, despite breaking every rule in the book, even though they are weird, wired, loopy, mis-matched, wonky and strange – this is probably the best combination of wit, poetry, surf-punk, feminine post-punk blues and existential angst with added sarcasm and feedback that you will hear, this or any year”- Louder Than War“The Flux Capacitors have pretty much torn pages out of the rule book, rolled them up and smoked them….what did we learn tonight as we leave sonically battered and lyrically bruised after our warped encounter? If anything that you can escape convention, be lyrically subversive underneath an avalanche of melodic noise, samples and hooks… you can also have a good time doing it”– Egigs"That was astonishing, can we be in your band?"- Nigel Blackwell (Half Man Half Biscuit)