• Renegade Dreamers

  • Tue, 07-05-2019 at 19:00
  • Chapter
    Market Road
    CF5 1QE Cardiff
Renegade Dreamers - Chapter - Cardiff

The sounds of spoken-word poetry, open-mic performances, street demonstrations, political protests and the soft strum of guitars, are still echoing around New York City’s legendary Greenwich Village coffee houses. The renegade spirits of today are calling for social change in their own way. “Kerouac and Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and all them were considered outcasts in mainstream society at the time. Now they’re considered heroes. I think they’d fit in now better than they would back then.”Renegade Dreamers, seven years in the making, celebrates the Beat and folk history of this area, discovering what it means to be a renegade and what it means to be a dreamer for the newest generation of political artists. For award-winning director Karen Kramer, it is now, more than ever that we should question authority and challenge the social norm. Entwining the legacy left behind by artists from Bob Dylan to Tom Paxton, Jack Kerouac and Joan Baez, with the thoughts of the artist’s of the 21st century, Kramer’s film encourages audiences to “question everything. We can’t just take for granted what we’ve been handed”. 🎞 Renegade Dreamers will be shown this year at the Welsh International Documentary Film Festival on Tuesday 7th May at 7:00pm at Chapter Arts Centre. 👁‍🗨 Including Q&A 📽 Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/306058474