• Copper hanging bowl

  • Wed, 24-07-2019 at 10:00
  • Lesley Jane Jewellery
    The Bridge Studios
    CF5 3BL Cardiff
Copper hanging bowl - Lesley Jane Jewellery - Cardiff

We’ll be having a go at coppersmithing on this workshop, turning flat copper sheet into a small and very shiny bowl, which will be suspended from chains. We’ll also be making a hook to hang it with. Lots of hammering so it will be noisy, but I’ll provide ear defenders for everyone. Great fun, and you’ll love the planished copper finish. £22.50 per personNow that I have a lot more studio space, I’m going to be able to offer a greater range of jewellery and coppersmithing workshops. Before I launch my new workshop programme, I’d like to try out each class to check the timings and make sure I have enough equipment. These sessions won’t be as polished as the final versions, so I’m offering them at half price. I’ve listed approximate @mings below, but please bear in mind that they may overrun a little. It would help me if I can take a few photos during the workshop and get some honest feedback at the end of each one!