• Eek a Mouse Live with Mafia & Fluxy Band at The Globe | Cardiff

  • Sun, 14-10-2018 at 19:30
  • The Globe Cardiff
    125 Albany Road
    CF24 3PE Cardiff
Eek a Mouse Live with Mafia & Fluxy Band at The Globe | Cardiff - The Globe Cardiff - Cardiff

EEK A MOUSEThe minute you hear Eek A Mouse (real name Ripton Hilton), you never forget him. Eek A Mouse sent the dancehalls raving in 1979 with his very DJ single; the Joe Gibbs produced “Once a Virgin”. I can imagine anyone not being intrigued by his nasal high-pitched voice and “biddy beng-beng, biddy meng-meng” scatting, though. This vocal style alone would set him apart from the pack of veteran DJs, but what truly elevates him above the rest is the quality of his melodies and music. Though generally considered a DJ, his style is distinctly Sing jay.He's utterly unique, which is hard to say of an artist in any genre. Eek A Mouse's style is just plain fun to hear, as in the wonderfully playful "Peeni Walli" or the hit "Wa-Do-Dem”.His 1988 album Eek-A-Nomics saw him begin to establish himself with an international audience, spawning a club hit with “The Freak”, and he was signed by Island Records in 1989. He returned to prominence with 1991’s U-Neek album, which continued the rock-oriented style, including a cover version of Led Zed Zeppelin’s “D´Yer Maker”, and from which the hit single “You Are The One I Need” was taken.Eek A Mouse also featured on the alternative metal band P.O.D,’s album Satellite, lending his vocals to the rock-reggae track “Ridiculous” He can also be heard on South California based ska punk band OPM’s album , “For Them Asses”, combining hip hop, rock music and pop with laid-back reggae on the track “Perfect day.”Eek A Mouse also has performances in the 1991 gangster movie New Jack City as Fat Smitty alongside movies stars like Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Mario Van Peebles, Chris Rock, Allen Payne, and Keith Sweat among others.Though he continues to toil in cult obscurity, reggae singer Eek-A-Mouse remains one of Jamaica's most individual talents. Come and capture the legendary rude boy live, performing classics like "Wa-Do-Dem", "Terrorists in the City," "Anarexol." “Virgin Girl” and quality exposure to a true character.Support by Sun I Tafari Sun-i Tafari, New school roots reggae sensation, equipped with lyrics and a unique soulful style of his own is one of the most exciting roots reggae singers in the uk today. He was born October 13, 1980 and was named kent Mathew Cambridge, later to become kent Mathew walker after deciding to take his father’s surname. Kent grew up in Cardiff, the capital city of wales one of the four countries that make up the (UK) united kingdom, where he had always had a love for music starting out as a selector/mc around the age of 12. In his late teens he and his older brother (kris Cambridge) had become part of the ascension sound system, founded by his brethren/friend (Wayne Johnson) aka Digital in the early nineties.Plus Love & Harmony Sounds, Scorpian & Sista T