• Looking Glass

  • Sat, 04-05-2019 at 14:00
  • Dora Stoutzker Hall
    CF10 3ER Cardiff
    CF10 3ER Cardiff
Looking Glass - Dora Stoutzker Hall - Cardiff

Choreography: Kim NobleSet Design: Emma Thérèse BoomerConductor: Luciano WilliamsonEnsemble: RWCMD Instumentalists‘Odd thing, a Looking Glass- bares a copy of ourselves.The one we groom, enhance, refine; although it’s just a shell.Odd thing, a Looking Glass- shows us only how we look,But underneath our feelings swell in fear of being mistook...’What if mirrors could show us what hid deep within? What if all of our memories, actions, secrets and pain were painted before us on one big reflective canvas? Would you be captivated enough to inspect closer? Or, would you look away in fear? We collage our world with images of our faces every single day. Perhaps, it is time to own up to who we are, not just how we look.Duration: Circa 30 minutes