• Garage VS Bassline- Chronicles Summer Closing Party

  • Fri, 10-05-2019 at 22:00
  • Jack of Diamonds
    46 West Street
    BS2 0BH Bristol
Garage VS Bassline- Chronicles Summer Closing Party - Jack of Diamonds - Bristol

Chronicles Summer Closing Party…18+(Tickets are in in tiers of £5/£7/£10)Wer’e going away for the summer to the party capital of the world…IBIZA, where we’ll be gathering inspiration & formulating some very exciting plans for our return in Autumn 2019. So to celebrate this 10th Chronicles instalment we are going all out with..-A juicy line up of up & coming artists within the Uk Garage & Bass scene-A larger venue spread across two rooms-Live on stage circus performances from Gyaldem Collective + MORE!This is our biggest event to date, and it’s set to pop off.LINE UP-Main Room-HIGGO (The man that brought us champion sound)https://soundcloud.com/higgoukb2bWÖLFE https://soundcloud.com/wolfetimeJAWJIIhttps://soundcloud.com/jawjii b2bLIJAH https://soundcloud.com/lijahukMISS CRAZY https://soundcloud.com/misscrazy-x/tracks RELENTLESShttps://soundcloud.com/ben-bishop-8KRAVEN (The man who’s songs you’ll recognise from our vids)https://soundcloud.com/kravenukEVEhttps://soundcloud.com/evedjukRoom 2-INSPECTA VEG (MC) https://soundcloud.com/inspecktaveg& ROUNDED (grime & bassline set)https://soundcloud.com/rounded94?fbclid=IwAR1RLEs7RRebPbYT89VHeVQTRsD5XtrGqciB6y96gX-7G19CcHazI7KV2GQAVERAGE JOE https://soundcloud.com/averagejoe21T BEATZhttps://soundcloud.com/tonybriffitt & VANDA (MC)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLv2G3Q1NaJyA4TXNHst3ALYNCHAhttps://soundcloud.com/lynch1995?fbclid=IwAR33GNUl8YrN55bs0sJrzmVwckokqWqjB9jtWhH6oKpO4BNJ9GlNmttIBsMb2bFLAPS Hosted by-24kt https://www.facebook.com/Gouldplated/&JackzSee you at the front 😎