• Story Slam: Gifts

  • Sun, 19-05-2019 at 14:00
  • The Wardrobe Theatre
    25 West Street
    BS2 0DF Bristol
Story Slam: Gifts - The Wardrobe Theatre - Bristol

Story Slam returns in May for our last show before the summer break, when our theme will be Gifts! 🎁Whether it be gifts you receive, gifts you give away or just gifts that you're born with. Stories of Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or wedding favours. The naturally gifted, talented musicians and child prodigies. Gifts wanted and gifts unwanted. Gifts earned and gifts undeserved. Gifts to show thanks, and gifts to apologise. Unwanted socks, apology flowers, and make-up chocolates. Lazy gifts, thoughtful gifts and secret santas. Secret admirers, valentine's flowers and Trojan horses. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Never take sweets from strangers. Presents, donations and largesse. Subsidies, benefits and inheritance. The gift of life, gifts of the state, or compliments of the house. Duty, deservedness and reciprocity. I can't accept this. Can I buy you a drink? How could you afford this?Have you got a story about Gifts? Then come tell us on May 19th at Story Slam 🎙️✨******Story Slam is where you can hear people's amazing true stories told live on stage. All stories are told by volunteers from the audience. Put your name in the hat for a chance to tell a story, or just come along and enjoy everyone else's!Story Slam is held on the third Sunday of the month at the Wardrobe Theatre. Box Office opens at 1.15pm and the shows starts at 2.00pm.***TICKETS***Ticket can be purchased through the Tobacco Factory website: https://www.tobaccofactorytheatres.com/shows/story-slam-may/£8 Full price£5 Concessionary price (unemployed, low-income, students, OAPs, key workers etc.)***HOW IT WORKS***1.15pm: STAMPINGThe theatre box office opens from 1.15pm to begin issuing stamps which act as entrance tickets to the show. If you purchased a ticket beforehand online, just quote the name that you used to purchase your tickets and get issued your stamp! If there are any tickets available on the day these can be purchased from the box office.1.30pm: DOORS OPENDoors open at 1.30pm and you can show your stamp to be let into the theatre! If you would like to tell a story on stage, or submit an anonymous short story, just fill in the relevant slips that can be found in the theatre. (Make sure to read these carefully) If not, just grab a drink, take a seat and wait for the show to begin.2.00pm – 4.30pm: SHOW TIME We pull names from the hat and whoever’s name is pulled tells us a true story from their life! We laugh, we cry, we drink, we have another one! (20 minute interval at around 3pm)4.30pm: AFTER SHOWThe Wardrobe Theatre is attached to the lovely Old Market Assembly which is the perfect place for a pint or Sunday lunch, and after the slam people tend to hang around at the bar, have a drink, chat with storytellers and hear stories people didn't get a chance to tell on stage. ***STORY RULES***Stories must follow a few simple rules. The rules are not meant to be restricting, but are there to ensure we get to hear as many awesome stories as possible. If you’re unsure about anything just drop us a message or ask a volunteer on the day.• They have to be true • They must be told in 5 minutes.• They must be *stories. No rants, stand-up routines or monologues. We want a beginning, middle and end, and some change and conflict to occur. • They need to be genuinely 1st person. You should be a major player in the story and we want to hear your perspective.• Told with no notes or props. This is about the good ol’ fashioned storytelling. Tell it to us like we're round a campfire, or at a sleepover.****CONTENT WARNINGS***In the interest of making the story slam a safer and more comfortable place, we give people the option of putting content warnings before their stories. Details of how to do this can be found on the name slips. We read them out before each story and give people a chance to leave the room. If you do want to leave the theatre at any time please feel free! The Old Market Assembly is a comfy place to hang out and sells a variety of wonderful cakes and lovely roast dinners.***SAFER SPACES***We work hard at Story Slam to try and create a place where people feel safe and comfortable to share stories. We're continually trying to make our events better places to be and our aim is to hear stories that we don’t get to hear anywhere else. We want to make Story Slam better than the world around it. So to help us achieve this, we have our own safer spaces policy. Feel free to have a read at the link below! :)http://www.storyslam.co.uk/safer-spaces/ ***ACCESSIBILITY***We want our events to be as accessible as possible. The venue has full step free access to the theatre and the stage. However, if you need to use it please let us know (via Facebook message) beforehand as we need a member of staff to open side doors etc. You can also check out our photo album for details on the step free access, feel free to message us with any further questions: http://bit.ly/2eY8oR4 If there’s anything else we can do to make the event more accessible to you, let us know and we’ll try our best!***AGE LIMIT******Story Slam has no age limit, however the spontaneous nature of the show means that profanity and adult themes are to be expected. It is left to the guardian to choose if a child is mature enough to attend.