• The last ever Show and Tell: Anticlimax theme

  • Mon, 29-07-2019 at 20:00
  • The Wardrobe Theatre
    25 West Street
    BS2 0DF Bristol
The last ever Show and Tell: Anticlimax theme - The Wardrobe Theatre - Bristol

Show and Tell is dead - long live Show and Tell!I don't really know what that means, but, it sounds good and I need to announce the last ever Show and Tell event to be held at the Wardrobe in Bristol, on Monday 29th July. Come and celebrate all of the great moments and laughs. Shed a tear. Hug a friend, because we all slip away with the sands of time, dropping cell by cell, into the rivers of time. The theme is: ANTICLIMAX. Show and Tell is a comedy night that encourages the funniest people amongst us to STEP UP, cast out their shame, or get it out for the lads. They tell their stories. They ain't always comedians but they are always funny. OK, they aren't always funny either, but we have ten performers each night and I would say that at least 8/10 are usually really good.Show & Tell has a different theme each time, and you can experience the best of Bristol’s new talent through a series of short 5 minute performances. You can even participate in the Q & A after each performer’s slot. Show & Tell performers bring an artefact with them to pass around, or sometimes they perform alongside a Powerpoint in a Beyonce-ish way that makes Dave Gorman look like Michelle Williams. Come along to our friendly and encouraging night, and see some of the best new performers Bristol has to offer!PERFORMERS: get in touch we have spots left for you! AUDIENCE: buy your tickets now! Its only a bargain £5