• XR: Spring Uprising Festival

  • Sat, 16-03-2019 at 12:00
  • Motion Bristol
    74-78 Avon Street
    BS2 0PX Bristol
XR: Spring Uprising Festival - Motion Bristol - Bristol

WAKE UP, RISE UP, AND REJOICE - THERE'S A REBELLION ON!Winter's over. Spring is here - unseasonably early. It's time to join the Rebellion to save life on Earth. AND HAVE A DAMN GOOD TIME DOING IT! So we are throwing a 3000 person Indoor XR festival! We're getting together, connecting with local XR groups taking non-violent direct action to create disruption and cause change. We'll celebrate and strengthen our movement, and get skilled up and organised for the International Rebellion on April 15th. www.springuprising.comWHY ARE WE REBELLING?We are in the 6th Mass Extinction, and 200 species are lost every day. Climate breakdown is nearing a tipping point, and it threatens our existence - human extinction is now a very real risk. We can still change course, but we have to move fast. This is an emergency - so we need everyone to raise the alarm, and rise up, causing disruption, pressuring governments to make real change happen.AREASREBEL HALL – Music, talks and Non Violent Direct Action Training for 1000 at a time. We already have a Rebellious roundup coming to play on the day, including Honeyfeet, Bellatrix, Mesadorm, Vanessa Kisuule, Pete the Temp and more. See the full lineup here:https://www.springuprising.com/schedule.html?fbclid=IwAR1KHZENVlCOnCOFkySlkaZdE6pv1iSd9mFi_DYHzGb6gN8T4p3z8Uvtr1UKeep watching the discussion posts of this event for the acts as they are announced!SOLUTION ZONE – Showcasing local and national solutions to the Crisis – Co-housing, Permaculture, renewable energy, tiny houses, Resource use, Citizen’s Assembly demo, a special projected zoom call with XR groups all over the world and more.GALLERY – All Art themed around the ecological crisis and XR welcomed – best 20 get taken on an XR art tour of galleries and festivals this summer!THE ART FACTORY – Lets make the Rebellion beautiful! To create much of the larger art/ banners/ printing that will be used for April 15th onwards - come up and help, learn how to Lino print, print your clothes with XR graphics, make Rebellious illegal pendants using the Extinction Symbol, or just hang out with the brilliant scoundrels from our art team.THE SANCTUARY – Our Regenerative culture space – Extinction café, Non-violent communication, A Grief Temple, Body workers etc.RESISTANCE EXHIBITION – A Photographic journey through all social resistance movements from the past 100 yearsTRAINING ROOMS – Smaller Rooms for specified trainings – continuous all weekend (training of trainers, learn the extinction talk etc.)OUTDOOR FOOD TRUCK AREA – Food Waste charities, ethical producers, all Vegetarian and Vegan – this event will not serve alcohol till lateWEEKEND TICKETS: £20 (£25 on the door)DAY TICKETS: £12.50 (£15 on the door) Get them here ASAP as they are going fast:http://buytickets.at/extinctionrebellionTHESE PRICES WILL COVER OUR COSTS FOR THE GATHERING. IF YOU CAN AND WANT TO, PLEASE DONATE EXTRA THROUGH THE OPTIONAL DONATION ON THE TICKET SITE.ALL REMAINING MONEY WILL GO STRAIGHT BACK INTO XR FOR THE REBELLION ON APRIL 15TH.This is not an overnight venue - please arrange accommodationDue to the Venue's License - We regretfully can't have any Kid under the age of 8 WE ARE A REBELLION, WE ARE CONSTANTLY MOVING AND SHIFTING – LINE-UP and ALL the WONDERFUL things that will inevitably be offered to come... Keep watching the Discussion posts on this event for more updates!"If I can't dance, it's not my revolution." - Emma GoldmanWe'll see you there - get your tickets ASAP!