• Drinking & Drawing at the KDV

  • Wed, 05-08-2020 at 17:00
  • The Kingsdown Vaults
    31 Kingsdown Parade
    BS6 5UE Bristol
Drinking & Drawing at the KDV - The Kingsdown Vaults - Bristol

Come and get immersed in some DRINKING & DRAWING every Wednesday at the Kingsdown Vaults - a chance to step away from your crazy schedual or just zone out for a couple of hours while doodling away.Come along and draw as much or as little as you like, as well or as bad as you fancy. There will be all sorts of equipment and stationary here for you to use - paints, pastels and pencils. Big rolls of paper so you and your buddies can all draw together, sketch books for those of ya who prefer to work alone. We'll have different objects/people/things for you to draw each week and varying types of equipment so one week could be lots of colouring and the next - collages! Also, we're keen to decorate our halls and lobby with any art you guys don't fancy taking home! Along side this super theraputic hobby will be different drink deals each week. Who knows! Plus our kitchen will be banging out some delicious food as always.As it's a chance for everyone to relax, the music vibes will be chill.Come and make Kingsdown a bit more colourfulKDV X