• Bristol Fire Eating Classes | Shade Flamewater

  • Sun, 30-08-2020 at 12:00
  • Temple Cloud Circus, Cave of Mystery Aerial Training Space.
    Cave of Mystery
    bs39 5bx Bristol
Bristol Fire Eating Classes | Shade Flamewater - Temple Cloud Circus, Cave of Mystery Aerial Training Space. - Bristol

We are back with our famous fire eating classes, with some tweaks to how we run things in a Covid-19 world. Classes are limited to groups of 10 students. Everyone will be required to wear a mask for non-fire eating portions of the class. Students will need their own torches! We will continue to have our torches available for purchase at the classes, bu we will no longer supply 'spare' torches for people to share.Instead of having large groups and multiple classes, we will have the one small group for an entire day and have much more one-on-one time with Shade and more practice time.Bristol Fire Eating Classes Schedule:Sunday 30th August 2020Full Day Fire Eating Course 12pm - 6pmWe will break at 2pm for lunch (approx)Please note all ticket sales are final and are non-refundable.CLASS DESCRIPTIONThe Full Day Course is our new fire eating class designed for a group of 10 students. This class is suitable for complete beginners AND working professionals. We begin with an introduction to fire safety, simple hand tricks, flourishes, and fundamental fire eating instruction.After a break for lunch, the fire eating class continues with learning the 5 ways to draw vapor. You will learn several fire vapor tricks, including the Human Candle, Multiple Fire Balls, and much more. We will learn skin 'fleshing' tricks, and combination moves like the Statue of Liberty and Blow-a-Kiss. Around this segment of the class, students will receive more personalized instruction and will be able to work on tricks within your skill level.Over the duration of the class, there will be periods where we will need to take breaks to re-hydrate, allow the room to clear of smoke etc. Some of these moments we will use to move outside and practice outdoor conditions in the courtyard. This will only be done under our supervision. We will also be teaching torch manipulation moves and flourishes during these breaks that will not require the use of fire.What To BringHollow fire eating torches (available for purchase if you don't have your own)A Mask (for social distancing measures)A Water BottleA LIGHTER!What To WearPlease wear natural fabric clothing like cotton, denim, hemp etc. Ideally a black t-shirt and jeans, something you don’t mind getting dirty! Please tie back any long hair! Gents with long beards should bring a hair-tie for it too. Please make sure you bring a water bottle for yourself, and we recommend you bring some food for yourself as it’s a long day for those of you taking multiple classes.Hollow Fire Eating Torches for sale at the class!Hollow Fire Eating Torches will be available for sale at £40 a pair on the day. We accept cash, credit card and Paypal.What are Hollow Torches? Check out info, pics and video on our shop page here: https://flamewatercircus.com.au/product/hollow-fire-eating-wands-pair/Buy tickets here: https://flamewatercircus.com.au/product/bristol-fire-eating-classes/