• Shadow Puppetry with The Clockwork Moth

  • Sat, 18-05-2019 at 09:00
  • Puppet Place
    Albion Dockside Estate
    BS1 6UT Bristol
Shadow Puppetry with The Clockwork Moth - Puppet Place - Bristol

The Clockwork Moth create intricate shadow shows for adults and children, inspired by the likes of Lotti Reineger and Jan Pienkowski. Their work is often performed to a live musical score.Using a working shadow-puppetry set, we will create strong, dynamic ‘scenic puppets’ from foamboard. Exploring colour, material and construction, learn to transfer your drawings into versatile, articulated puppets.Create storyboards and mimic ‘camera shots’ for a cinematic-style live-puppetry experience. This workshop will focus on practical technique with the chance to showcase our pieces at the end of the day.£75