• Street Photography

  • Fri, 24-05-2019 at 10:00
  • The Royal Photographic Society
    337-340 Paintworks
    BS4 3AR Bristol
Street Photography - The Royal Photographic Society - Bristol

This workshop is ideal if you want to explore street photography in any form, get inspired, learn appropriate techniques and spend time in London shooting and practicing these new found skills.To maximize shooting time on the day, we will send you on an on demand video which covers the technical learning for you to watch before the day.On the day you will need any camera from iPhone to DSLR (I will discuss gear in the video portion of the workshop).You will have the opportunity to shoot and put you new found skills into practice.Why will this make me a better photographer?This is a full days workshop that consists of a several hours on demand video learning delivered before the day and a day on location shooting and practicing new found skillsKey Learning points:- Inspiration- Gear and gear simplification- Settings and Zone Focusing- Seeing and exploring opportunity- Perspectives, getting in close and shooting themes- Shooting Candidly- How to approach people on the streetThere will be several hours where you will be able to shoot various lighting setups and even bring your own products or object to shoot.