• Mixed Level 2-4 Spinny Pole

  • Wed, 14-08-2019 at 18:00
  • Pink Kitten Dance School
    The Old Malt House
    BS5 0TJ Bristol
Mixed Level 2-4 Spinny Pole - Pink Kitten Dance School - Bristol

Spinny pole is a beautiful art all of its own.This class is suitable for levels 2-6.Not recommended for complete beginners - previous pole dance experience recommendedStudents must be able to achieve a sit on the pole and climb confidently.This spinny pole class will teach you how to spin and fly around the pole with grace and poise.You will learn tricks to control your momentum and keep the pole moving without losing your lunch whilst spiraling in mid-air! This session is currently categorized as FLOORSign up now and spin spin spin away!