• Human Flourishing on a Flourishing Earth. Finding a way together

  • Sat, 08-06-2019 at 10:00
  • Brighthelm Centre
    North Road
    BN1 1YD Brighton
Human Flourishing on a Flourishing Earth. Finding a way together - Brighthelm Centre - Brighton

In the light of the dangers to our eco systems from climate change and biodiversity loss, it is imperative that we discover how we can combine earth flourishing and human flourishing.From her long-standing experience of working in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Nicola will show us examples of solutions to environmental problems, found in tandem with local communities. These not only provide solutions to the issues, but also enable communities to flourish. Nicola will also address a range of practical actions that we can all take in our daily lives to contribute to the solutions rather than continuing the damage humans are inflicting on our life systems. Nicola Peel is winner of the People’s Environment Award, filmmaker, speaker and ‘solutionist’. She has been working in the Ecuadorian Amazon for 18 years, finding solutions to environmental problems by working alongside communities. Nicola is also passionate about Biomimicry, which is built on the premise that nature is our greatest teacher.WorkshopsParticipants are invited to attend two of the following:1. Green Grace. The practice of presence and power of pause in the greening of things. This workshop will seek to engage participants with the active- contemplative dimensionof garden as microcosm; with the awakening and deepening of the call of the Spirit to quiet change and an integral balance between effort and rest, wonder and wisdom. Facilitator: Rev Philip Roderick, founder of the Quiet Garden Movement, Contemplative Fire, and Hidden Houses of Prayer. 2. Top Tips for taking personal action to protect the earth Exploring in greater detail the practical actions that Nicola suggests are most helpful, starting with divesting from fossil fuels and moving your energy company. Facilitator: Nicola Peel (see above).3. “Saving the world is a spiritual matter”. Is it possible to find a way of engaging with the challenges facing the world that is joyful and affirming of life? What does spirituality bring to environmental action? We will explore the stories that give us hope and how we put them into practice in our lives.Facilitator: Alex Mabbs is minister of Brighthelm Church and Community Centre in Brighton. He also facilitates Open Sky Forest Church and is a trustee of Operation Noah. Alex has a brief to explore Christian environmentalism.4. The Great Water Challenge Water is life. It is present in everything we eat, all our work, and what we shall become as a species. We will explore the impacts of climate change on water and sanitation issues and propose operational courses of action in developing countries, and for our lives.Facilitator: Sandy Elsworth is a Geologist and Hydrogeologist now supporting water projects across Africa. He has been a Water Resource consultant over the past 30 years, and has assisted courses of action for climate change adaption and mitigation in the UK.Event fee and booking: £16.50/£11 for those with low income. Please pay the full fee if you are able to.Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/461951Event enquiries: email petragriffiths@livingspirit.org.ukInfo: http://www.livingspirit.org.uk/brightonThis event is a collaboration between Brighthelm Centre, Earth Church, Living Spirituality Connections and Spirit of Peace.