• Charogne Stone/Jeanot Lou/Soho Bombshell/Meantime Collective

  • Sat, 15-02-2020 at 20:00
  • Cowley Club
    12 London Road
    BN1 4JA Brighton
Charogne Stone/Jeanot Lou/Soho Bombshell/Meantime Collective - Cowley Club - Brighton

Brighton Punx Picnic, Ill Fitted DIY and The Cowley Club present:✧ CHAROGNE STONE (FR)One man band drum-voice-guitar machine playing hardcore⬖ http://boumcoeurrecords.monsite-orange.fr/⬖ https://youtu.be/UfIPO2RVyBg⬖ https://youtu.be/L_ZYOglJc-c✧ JEANOT LOU PAYSAN (FR)One man band drum-analog synth playing techno tribal punk.⬖ https://jeanotloupaysan.bandcamp.com/album/12-vs-93-ep ⬖ https://vimeo.com/289099495 ⬖ https://vimeo.com/345194546✧ SOHO BOMBSHELL There is a new ska/punk band in town! Well, actually they are not new anymore. It is with great pleasure that we welcome these guys back to the Club and we are sure they will make you dance until your legs can't take it anymore!✧ THE MEANTIME COLLECTIVEBlistering 3 piece Punk from Brighton, with a touch of Skanking goodness. ⬖ https://themeantimecollective.bandcamp.comDoors at 8pm£5 on the doors, suggested donation.No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but please support the touring bands, since the door money will be used to support them with their expenses. FAQs:Q: What does it mean "members and guests welcome"?A: The Cowley Club's bar operates as a private members club, which is a restriction of our alcohol licenceQ: Do I have to be a member, or know a member to come?A: NO! Everyone is welcome, and you can sign in on the door as a guestQ: How do I become a member?A: Pop along to the club any time we are open, or at the show, and grab a membership form (they are in the rack next to the bar), pay your £2 for a lifetime membership and you can pick up your card a few weeks laterQ: Do I need to sign up for membership in advance?A: No, we encourage you to join as a member, but everyone is welcome when we have an event onQ: How do I get in? It looks a bit scary! Are you even open?A: We get it, there's a closed door and boards over the windows, it probably doesn't look that welcoming from the outside, but it couldn't be more different once you're inside 😂 You need to ring the bell, one of our volunteers will peer out of the hatch and open the door to you. Unfortunately, one of the conditions of our alcohol licence is that we have to be hidden from the outside when the bar is serving, but don't let that put you offQ: You say you've got the cheapest pints in town, really?A: Yes we do! Beers from £2.80, gin + tonic (with a Fever Tree mixer) is just £3! We've also got ciders, ales, more spirits and mixers, non-alcoholic beer, gluten-free lager, speciality soft drinks, teas, infusions and coffeeQ: Cheaper than Wetherspoons?A: Fuck WetherspoonsQ: Why is there an asterisk next to "everyone is welcome"?A: We have a safer-spaces policy at the club, this is to ensure that everyone feels welcome in our little patch of the world, in short, it means that we don't tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other behaviour that will make any of our other guests feel uncomfortable. This is a policy designed to encourage as many people to feel welcome and make the club as open as possible to all, not to discourage anyone from coming or make them feel unwelcome. It doesn't mean you can't crowdsurf or dance to the bands! It just means that we'd like our guests to be considerate of everyone else, just as we'd like the rest of the world to beQ: Is the club accessible?A: Mostly. There is step free access from London Road into the main building, and we regularly welcome people to the club with a range of accessibility requirements. To get to our accessible toilet, you need to take a trip round to the back and come in through the library, ask one of our volunteers if you need assistance. There will be loud music and stage lighting in use during this showQ: I'm still confused!A: If you've you any questions, ask away, we'll be happy to answer them!One last thing, please respect the club by not sneaking your own booze in, and not doing anything illegal when you're on the premises, if you get what I mean?See what else we have coming up at the Cowley Club here...https://www.facebook.com/cowleyclub/events/...or on our website: https://cowley.club