• Ingoldsby Legends

  • Sun, 15-12-2019 at 19:30
  • Rialto Theatre
    11 Dyke Road
    BN1 3FE Brighton
Ingoldsby Legends - Rialto Theatre - Brighton

The Foundry Group PresentsIngoldsby LegendsAdapted by Brian Mitchell (co-writer of 'The Ministry of Biscuits')& Joseph Nixon (co-writer of 'The Shark is Broken')Preview PerformanceA seasonal selection of recitations from The Ingoldsby Legends, pertaining to ghosts, demons, curses, prophecies and other such supernatural phenomena, as documented in the papers of one Thomas Ingoldsby and rendered into modern phraseology by Messrs. Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon.In 1840, Thomas Ingoldsby, of Tappington Manor, Kent, inherited a trunk full of antique manuscripts detailing numerous accounts of saints and spectres, monsters and witches, adultery, murder and revenge, of possessed wigs and haunted clocks, from Canterbury to Cleeves, from Romney Marsh to the Rhine, from the Weald to Wales. They were written in rollicking, colourful, rumbustious verse, but don't be misled - every single word of them was true. Or his name wasn't Thomas Ingoldsby.Now award-winning company the Foundry Group brings the best-loved of these legends to grisly, ghoulish, hilarious life in this new adaptation by acclaimed playwrights Brian Mitchell (co-writer and composer of The Ministry of Biscuits) & Joseph Nixon (co-writer of Edinburgh smash hit The Shark is Broken) in a preview performance by Mitchell and Radio 4 Regular David Mounfield (Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show).Warning: The satsuma will fall from your hand as chills creep up your neck. Your tinsel will shrivel, your Warninks curdle, your nuts crack in their cheap plastic netting with fear. Suitability 7+Running Time: I hourRunning Away Scared Time: Forever