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  • Wed, 18-12-2019 at 18:30
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    11 Mermaid Walk
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TashaTAP Marina Studios - Marina Studios - Brighton

Intermediate Level. Feet = Drumkit :D1 Month guest teaching spot.27th November4th 11th 18th December£8 drop-in / free to membersNatasha Hubert is a pro dancer and singer. Having tapped her whole life and a broad love of music (some might call it a love affair) She is a self professed rhythm junkie. Credits include: Leading lady in Singin' In The Rain, Brighton. The class will be fun and dynamic with great tunes and choreography. Having taught all around the world Natasha has honed her teaching style to break things down in an understandable and entertaining way. So expect music, laughter and a whole lotta rhythm.Instagram @natashahubertcreativeWebsite www.propelexcel.co.uk