• A History of Jungle w/ Randall

  • Fri, 23-11-2018 at 23:00
  • Patterns
    10 Marine Parade
    BN2 1TL Brighton
A History of Jungle w/ Randall - Patterns - Brighton

Jungle Junction x Foundations: A History of Jungle w/ Randall.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Randall (90 mins) Stature Concoct b2b Jungalice Lens """"""""""""""""""""""""""""Seeped in its own history, music has always been haunted by that which has come before. Fresh ideas rarely appear out of nowhere and new trends can often be traced back to the past in some way. But borrowing from the archives isn’t uncreative, quite the opposite in fact. A wise man once said, good artists copy; great artists steal. While the origin of the term 'jungle' music to refer to the developing electronic sound of the 1990s is debatable, the emergence of the term in musical circles can be roughly traced to Jamaican/Caribbean toasting (a precursor to modern MCs), circa 1970. References to ‘jungle’, 'junglists' and 'jungle music' can be found throughout dub, reggae and dancehall genres from that era up until today.Jungle has long been associated with a powerful sense of rebellion, lending the music what Paul Woolford has called an "illicit" energy. The core of this sound was the cut-up drums, which were manipulated with remarkable intricacy. This form of the amen break, in all its speed-rush glory, is what made an indelible stamp on UK dance music at the time.The early pioneers of the genre built it on Akai samplers and sequencers on the Atari ST. Throughout all of this was mainstay DJ Randall, delivering this early jungle goodness to the masses - no exaggeration either, he’s been DJing for over 30 years - known for his highly intricate mixing style we thought who better to take us through a history of the genre than Randall?Come and join us as we rewind to the heyday of 93/94 and and see for yourselves that jungle’s anything-goes spirit lives on.

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