• Fresh Lenins presents Dog of Man / Ham Legion / The Display Team

  • Sun, 05-05-2019 at 19:30
  • The Prince Albert
    48 Trafalgar Street
    BN1 4ED Brighton
Fresh Lenins presents Dog of Man / Ham Legion / The Display Team - The Prince Albert - Brighton

Haiku: Sam from Dog of Man will eat green eggs and ham on display. It will be loud. ps. There will be eggs. And Ham.DOG OF MAN are a Brighton-based psyche punk/alt rock band who love to make music and play shows in dirty house parties and at cult gatherings.https://www.facebook.com/pg/d0g0fman/THE DISPLAY TEAM play the background music for the film adaptation of your sweatiest anxiety dreams; tunes at once horrible and beautiful, fighty and flighty, that rummage for a tiny shiny shred of hope in a bucket of stinking despair. Also features:seditionirreverencetromboneInfluences include: Cardiacs, Mr. Bungle, Queen, Meshuggahhttp://www.thedisplayteam.co.ukHAM LEGIONBursting with beaming up beat power pop, grinding grunge outbursts and dramatic changes of mood. Ham Legion's compact mini-epics dive through sudden passages of twisting, complex prog, to the Englishness of 60s pop, punk, new wave and then lapse into moments of restrained delivery and somber reflection. A bizarre but compelling mish-mash of styles and influences in bite sized chunks. https://www.facebook.com/pg/hamlegion