• Conscious Light Film: Brighton, UK

  • Wed, 08-05-2019 at 13:00
  • Brighton Unitarian Church
    22a New Rd
    BN1 1UF Brighton
Conscious Light Film: Brighton, UK - Brighton Unitarian Church - Brighton

Conscious Light offers a penetrating glimpse into the remarkable life and enlightened teachings of Avatar Adi Da and his work to create an enduring legacy of potential spiritual realisation for everyone.In every time and place, human beings have sought to grasp the ultimate mysteries of life and death. From time to time, great spiritual realisers have appeared in the world to reveal and transmit the secrets of reality and truth to all. Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008) is one of the rarest of such beings. His entire life was devoted to the discovery, demonstration, and spiritual revelation of the highest truth.Drawing on an extensive archival collection of film, photography, and audio recordings, as well as interviews with students who lived with Adi Da and practice his teachings, this intimate documentary takes the viewer on a journey of spiritual awakening in the company of one of the great spiritual masters of all time.If you want to come, please get your ticket to ensure your place. Click the button where it says "Get tickets. You can find out more at consciouslightfilm.comSee you there!. Gavin