• MMM - Music, Mantra & Meditation with Tracie Story

  • Sun, 09-06-2019 at 16:15
  • The Float Spa
    8 Third Avenue
    BN3 2PX Hove
MMM - Music, Mantra & Meditation with Tracie Story - The Float Spa - Brighton

Join us for a pre Summer Solstice Sound Harmonisation session, take a moment to mark this high vibrational mid moment of the year to prepare as we step toward the Fire of Summer.When the elements change so do our energetic bodies. These sessions help you to connect into the deeper parts of your being and your more natural circadian rhythms aiding better and more restorative sleep.The sound harmonisations bring you to a more clearer, lighter and more spacious place within. You will leave in a much more open and balanced state of mind and with more uplifted energy.During the sessions we will activate the voice with a series of toning mantras followed by a series of vibrational elements which represent the Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Air. These beautiful acoustic sounds, overtones & harmonics create an internal resonance which allow you to tune yourself back to your natural balance. These sounds bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into harmony and the combination of the percussive instruments work on the subtle energy fields to clear and harmonise with every sound. We will meditate together in silence, as well ascombine sound and colour to help balance and tune our physical and energetic bodies in a completely non-invasive way.These unique and rare sessions are for beginners and established meditators or for those looking to expand their vibrational awareness in a held yet expansive space.The benefits of a sound harmonisation:- experience the elemental resonance of sound on a deep level;- re-balance the individual self as well as the harmony of the whole group;- experience the subtle & powerful effects of sound Investment: £20 e: tracie@elementalresonance.comReserve you space using Paypal: tjstorey@gmail.com