• Inshad Training For Children - Bradford

  • Sun, 02-12-2018 at 11:00
  • Victor Street Masjid
    Victor Street
    BD9 4RB City of Bradford
Inshad Training For Children - Bradford - Victor Street Masjid - Bradford

THE ‘INSHAD TRAINING FOR CHILDREN’ COURSE IS AN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR ASPIRING SINGERS WHOM WISH TO LEARN THE SCIENCE OF INSHAD.Inshad is the traditional art of Islamic singing which focuses on leading people to Allah and His Prophet ﷺ through devotional poetry and odes that are performed with pacing, tempo, and tonality.Perfect for all levels of students, beginners will be acquainted with the basic elements of inshad, whilst intermediate students will be guiding towards pathway to more advance inshad studies in the fields of maqams (melodies), transitions (between odes), and tafrid (solos).During this 10-week course, students will learn five of the most famous Islamic nasheeds; grasping their prose, metering, and English meaning.