• Born Jovi at The Northern

  • Fri, 23-06-2017 at 20:00
  • The Northern
    Halifax Rd
    bd6 1jq City of Bradford
Born Jovi at The Northern - The Northern - Bradford

Welcome to the UK's No.1 SOLO Tribute to BON JOVI.Adrian Marx now brings you one of the most faithful tributes to the legendary New Jersey Rockers BON JOVI, who's 25+ year career has brought us hit after hit of melodic rock including songs such as "Its My Life", "Runaway" and the anthemic rock classic "Living On A Prayer" to name but a few.“A vocal style that is predominantly JON BON JOVI, Adrian Marx is blessed with a voice that will get him far” Rob Evans - Powerplay Magazine.Adrian has been performing his SOLO tribute to BON JOVI since 2002. In 2010 during Bon Jovi's London O2 residency leg of 'The Circle Tour', BONJOVI's management asked Adrian to be double for Jon Bon Jovi himself. In autumn 2008, Adrian was asked to go to the United States to perform his SOLO Tribute to BON JOVI in New York and also in Bon Jovi's hometown in New Jersey - the show also included Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Rzenik (Goo Goo Dolls) & Jesse Malin to name but a few. For 18 months during 2009-10 toured throughout the UK & Europe with top Bon Jovi Tribute band BON GIOVI.Adrian Marx performs a completely professional show. Normally this will last 1hr 45mins including encores, but a shorter set, split set or extensions can be pre-arranged at time of booking.The UK's first SOLO BON JOVI tribute show comes with a full light show, backdrops & costume changes. Because the act is Adrian alone it will fit into any size venue, we will provide a full P.A. unless the venue already has its own meeting the SPEC required for Adrian to perform his show.