• Steaming by Nell Dunn

  • Wed, 05-06-2019 at 19:30
  • The Playhouse, Ilkley
    Weston Rd
    LS29 8DW Ilkley
Steaming by Nell Dunn - The Playhouse, Ilkley - Bradford

The steam room of a Turkish baths, the East End of London, 1979; six women of varying class and age chat about life, sex and the rottenness of men, before achieving a communal sense of purpose when their beloved baths are threatened with closure.The cunning thing about Steaming is that chaps, despite being mocked and derided in the play - "They go bald, they go impotent, but they never lose their interest in their grub” - will also get a kick out of it.Nell Dunn is most famous for writing ‘Up the Junction’ and ‘Poor Cow’ for the BBC Play for Today series. She portrays women with affection and understanding. Steaming is not to be missed.A heart-warming comedy with mild adult references and brief, tasteful nudity.